Inyan Kara Enduro Experience

The Inyan Kara Enduro is a unique off-road motorcycle race that takes place at an elevation of 4200 ft. Our course offers a diverse terrain, ranging from wide-open prairies to medium and tight cedar trees, providing an exciting challenge for all participants. Depending on the class, riders will traverse approximately 60 to 90 miles over two 45-mile loops, with a gas stop after the first loop.

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Race Format

The Inyan Kara Enduro is run as a reliability trial. At the start, riders will leave 4 per row, each minute on the minute. After the start of the race, riders will not be required to start on their minute. At check-ins, 1 rider will leave every 15 seconds.

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Race Rules

All participants must adhere to the following rules:

  • USFS-approved spark arrestors, Wyoming ORV stickers, RMEC Memberships & clean bikes are required and will be checked at the lineup for the start of the race.
  • Wyoming ORV stickers can be found online here. A receipt for purchase or ORV sticker must be shown at check-in.
  • All riders are required to fill out thank you cards for private landowners & USFS. They let us use their land at no cost, so please fill at least one out!

For a complete list of rules and regulations, please visit the RMEC Rules page.

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Sign up for both days and get a discount

Experience the full thrill of the Inyan Kara Enduro by signing up for both race days. Not only will you double your racing adventure, but you’ll also enjoy significant savings. Register for both days and pay just $120, a saving of $20 compared to the standard daily rate ($70/day).

And there’s more good news for early birds! If you register before August 25, 2023, you’ll secure your spot at the discounted rate. After this date, the cost for both days is still a bargain at $180, compared to $100 per day.

So why wait? Maximize your Enduro experience and your savings by signing up for both days now!

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Parking is available free of charge in the high school parking lot. Please do not park on the grass or in the bus loop.


Campers are required to pack their own trash and water. A camp curfew of 10 pm is in place to ensure everyone's comfort and safety.

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Alcohol and Riding Restrictions

Please note that alcohol is strictly prohibited on school property, and motorcycle riding is not permitted within city limits.


Local FCCLA & FBLA chapters will be providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the weekend for a nominal fee. This is a great way to fuel up for the race and support local student organizations.

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Shower facilities will be available at the high school throughout the weekend for a small fee, with all proceeds going to support our local FCCLA & FBLA chapters.

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Capture Your Adventure with
VM Allen Photography

We’re excited to announce that VM Allen Photography will be joining us throughout the weekend, capturing all the thrilling moments of the Inyan Kara Enduro. With their expert eye for action and adventure, they’ll be on hand to photograph all the high-speed chases, challenging terrains, and triumphant finishes.

Whether you’re a rider wanting to immortalize your race or a spectator wishing to remember the excitement, VM Allen Photography will ensure you have high-quality photos to remember the event.

After the race, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase these professional photos, providing you with a lasting memento of your Inyan Kara Enduro experience.

Learn more about VM Allen Photography and view their portfolio.

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Join the Rider's Parade –
A Celebration of Community

One of the highlights of the Inyan Kara Enduro weekend is our traditional Rider’s Parade. This vibrant event sees our brave riders take a celebratory ride through the main drag in Upton on Saturday morning, offering a fantastic opportunity for the community to come out and cheer them on.

The parade is more than just a spectacle; it’s a symbol of the unity between our riders, the local community, and the enduring spirit of off-road racing. It’s a chance for everyone to share in the excitement and anticipation of the race, and for our riders to feel the support and enthusiasm of the crowd.

So, mark your calendars and make sure you’re roadside by 8 am to witness this thrilling procession. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss and a perfect way to kick off the racing action.

Support Local Businesses

Inyan Kara Enduro is not just about racing; it’s about community. We are proud to support our local businesses and encourage our participants and spectators to do the same.

While you’re in town for the race, make sure to check out some of our local favorites:

  • Remy’s Diner: Fuel up with a hearty meal at Remy’s Diner, a local gem known for its delicious food and warm, friendly service.
  • Joe’s Food Center: For your grocery and toiletry needs, Joe’s Food Center has you covered. Stock up on essentials and experience the charm of our local grocery store.
  • Arrow Gas and Upton Co-op: Need to refuel or grab some quick snacks? Arrow Gas and Upton Co-op are your go-to spots for fuel and convenience items.

By choosing to shop local during your stay, you’re helping to support the businesses that make our community unique. Thank you for joining us in supporting the heart of Upton!

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Set for the Inyan Kara Enduro Experience?

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of the Inyan Kara Enduro, we can’t wait to see you on the course. Remember, the race is about more than just speed – it’s about endurance, strategy, and the thrill of off-road racing.